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Are you stuck in a magnified or zoomed in view?

Are you unable to get to your settings to turn off Zoom or magnifier mode? This is a pretty common problem (or dirty trick to play on someone). But luckily it’s really easy to un-zoom your home screen.

Tap the screen with 3 fingers to unzoom.

Move the slider left or turn off the zoom completely.

Go to Settings and Select Accessibility

Select Zoom and set the appropriate level of zoom.

Hopefully that helped you turn off the magnifier on your iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus. It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re stuck in the magnified view without any way to turn it off.

Magnifier Vs. Zoom on the iPhone X – 8 and 8 Plus

Iphone 8 plus screenshot of magnify
Step 1
iphone 8 plus magnify
Step 2
access magnifier iphone x 8 8 plus
Step 3
iphone x 8 8 plus magnifier
Step 4

This feature is actually called the Zoom, not magnifier. But there is another accessibility feature called Magnifier that can also be found under the accessibility menu under Settings. The Magnifier allows you to use your phones camera to magnify something small and show it on screen.

As you can see it’s more than just magnification. You can also change the color and contrast to make small objects easier to see.