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How to transfer Nintendo Switch games to microSDcard

Nintendo Switch gives you 32GB internal storage space to download games. That may be enough depending on how many games you play, but if you’re a diehard gamer that may not be enough to cover you.

Plus you don’t get that whole 32GB to use. Take away 6.1GB for the Switch’s operating system and other software and you’re left with 25.9GB of free space. Consider sizes of the downloadable games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe takes 7GB. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes 13.4GB. That 32GB can go fast.

You can also get physical games that are sold on cartridges that slide into the console unit. This option lets you share games with others. You can sell or trade the games and possibly buy them cheaper when through resellers. There are, however, benefits to downloadable games. That includes not needing additional physical storage space. You can also get games immediately without having to leave the house.

There is another option. Nintendo Switch features include the ability to swap games onto a microSD card. This can give you plenty of storage space. For instance, you can choose a microSD card as big as 256GB storage. Just make sure to get one that’s known to perform well.

The process of downloading games isn’t the quickest to accomplish, but it’s possible. Here’s how to do it.

Download games to microSD card

Step 1: Turn your Nintendo Switch off and place the microSD card into the Switch console in the slot behind the console’s kickstand.

Step 2: Turn your Nintendo Switch back on.

Step 3: Select System Settings on the home screen.

Step 4: Scroll down until you see Data Management and select it.

Step 5: Select Manage Software.

Step 6: Choose which game you want to transfer to microSD card.

Step 7: Choose Archive Software.

Step 8: Select the Archive option.

Step 9: Tape on your console’s home button to get to the Switch’s home screen. The button is on the right of the Joy-Con under the thumbstick.

Step 10: Select the archived game on the home screen of the Nintendo Switch.

Step 11: Choose Download.

Your game will be saved on your microSD card.

Safely swap cards on your Switch

You need to be careful switching from one card to another on your Nintendo switch. Only remove a microSD card when your Switch is turned off. When it reboots, you can re-insert the card or insert another card.

Here is how to safely remove the card.

Step 1: Close any apps or games that are open.

Step 2: Hold the console’s power button down until the screen goes black.

Step 3: Open the back flap and remove the card.

Step 4: Restart your console.

Following these steps helps you avoid corrupting any files on your card.

These steps will let you download games and swap your cards safely. Enjoy your game play as you expand the storage available on your Nintendo Switch gaming console.