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We review the best phone cases across all the best modern phones. We also provide detailed How-To’s, reviews and guides.

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Turn off magnifier on iPhone X or iPhone-8/8-plus

Are you stuck in a magnified or zoomed in view? Are you unable to get to your settings to turn off Zoom or magnifier mode? This is a pretty common problem (or dirty trick to play on someone). But luckily it's really easy to un-zoom your home screen. Tap the screen...

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Spigen Tough Armor vs Rugged Armor

Rugged Armor Slim Armor Tough Armor Spigen makes a pretty great phone case but the way they name their models can be a bit confusing. In this article we'll compare Spigen Tough Armor vs Rugged Armor vs. Slim Armor. If you're running short on time and just want to know...

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